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Hi! This is us.

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Prune & Plum is a plant concept store based in Brooklyn, New York.
At Prune & Plum, we think that a cactus pot should be as gorgeous as the plant itself. We define ourselves as indoor-plant stylists as we merge design and art with urban plants to offer you original indoor planters. 
Our products are created to bring happiness (it is proven that plants make people happy) and style to your home. They are designed with a little bit of humour and each cactus pot comes with an inspiring message as our goal is to inspire and instill good vibes only.
We focus (for now!) on cacti and succulents as we find them gorgeous (they are relatively low maintenance too!) and perfect for urban living.
Whether you are looking for the next cactus to decorate your bookshelf, want to make an original declaration of affection (or love!) on a customized pot or just want to offer a personalized birthday gift to your BFF, we've got you covered! 
Love, Team Prune & Plum