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Our Founder

Florine Sagnard Motmans
Founder & CEO

"Homes should be a place of solace where we are surrounded by items that make us feel at peace, are aesthetically pleasing and are aligned with who we are. Plants can transform a space."




How it all started

Our founder, Florine, was born and raised in the South of France, in the city of Aix en Provence, made famous by the iconic painter Paul Cézanne.

Growing up close to the Mediterranean, Florine was always fascinated by the exotic plants such as cacti, aloe and agaves that grow everywhere on the French Riviera, where she visited her grandparents in the summer.

Later on, she had to leave her Provence for her studies on France's west coast and then in Paris, where she started her career in finance.

In May 2013, Florine crossed the Atlantic to experience her first taste of New York City during a graduate program. After 18 months in the Big Apple, she had to go back to Paris but continued to dream about returning to New York.

In 2017, love brought her back to New York where she joined her husband, Matya. Living in the city where everything feels possible and where the entrepreneurial spirit is always present lit a spark in her.

In an effort to turn every little nook in their Brooklyn apartment into its own indoor garden, Florine found that, while it was easy to find small indoor plants such as cacti and succulents, they were often sold in pots that were basic and failed to capture her imagination.

Her search for something with better design and more personalization led her to the idea of introducing something a little different with Prune & Plum.

Florine named the company after her second name, Prune. It is also the name her father uses for her.