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Plant Care

Cactus & Succulent Care Instructions

How will I know how to take care of my plant?

We include detailed care instructions with each plant and make it really easy to understand what your plant needs in terms of light, water, humidity, etc. 

Cacti and succulents are quite low maintenance! They thrive in warm, dry and bright spots.


Lightly water (no more than 2 tablespoons) the surface of the soil twice a month. During the winter, reduce to once a month. Always ensure that the soil is dry before you water again. Don't overwater as it might cause the roots to rot (especially as there is no hole at the bottom of our beautiful pots).

If the base of your plant turns soft and mushy: this is most likely a sign of overwatering and root rot.


Cacti and succulents love the sun! Placing your plant near a sunny window is ideal. However, avoid putting it near a window that faces the midday sun (generally south) as this is when it will be exposed to the highest temperatures. If you only have a few sunny spots, make sure to rotate your plant now and again out of the darker areas so it gets a top up of sunlight.


Cacti and succulents can generally tolerate temperatures up to 85°F  during the warmer months, and a minimum of 50°F during the colder months.


To encourage growth, you can fertilize your plant during spring (with water soluble fertilizer) and repot your plant every two years.